Night Time Horse Photography

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_chw9614-crop-for-webNight Time Horse Photography.

Now that the clocks have gone back and the daylight is becoming less accommodating I have taken to using studio flash outdoors to achieve some incredible results
Its well worth getting dressed up for the occasion along with your horse for some truly remarkable photographs. The light is making the difference without causing any anxiety for your horse. Those who know me will also know that I have a very calm and relaxed approach to my photography and will give your horse all the time he or she needs to settle down and look there best.

You can book a private commission with me at a time, date and location to suit your needs. An alternative is to have a “Yard Day” where you gather a group of friends together, groom those horses, comb your hair, and put on a posh frock. I will spend roughly 20 minutes per horse / person and can accommodate anywhere between 2 to 12 people. For commissions within a 10 mile radius from my home town of Keighley there is no call out fee. Beyond that I will make a charge of 40p per mile which can easily be split between your group.

All my printing is carried out by one of the countries leading processing houses and is printed on museum grade paper with fade resistant inks. Should you require a picture framing service this can also be arranged with a variety of styles and mounts to ensure that the finished product is ready to hang on the wall and be admired by all those who see.

I cover the country so if you are in the South of England or the North of Scotland I can always work something out for you equestrians.

Its a great way to have something quite unique which you can cherish and enjoy forever.

Winter Equestrian Photo Shoots

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Autumnal Glow

Autumnal Glow

Winter Equestrian Photo Shoots

Well its certainly become noticeably colder, wilder, and wetter, winter is on its way. But that isn’t a reason not to be taking photographs of your horse. Wrap up warm and enjoy the season.

At this time of the year we get some beautiful light which suits equestrian photography in wonderfully subtle ways. The late afternoon sun has a warm glow, its the ideal time of day to capture the calmness of the day against a glorious backdrop of orange sky and silver lined clouds. As said in my previous blog, a horse will remain a horse, nicely scrubbed up for his or her photograph this is where we don’t just take photographs, we make art.

How about the morning light, we don’t have to be up before the first Sparrows chirp to start taking photographs. Morning mist with the sun waking up to a new day and poking its rays of light between the clouds is another great time to capture something very special.

So what are you waiting for, lets get the camera packed and start creating the images you will treasure forever 🙂

Equestrian Photography

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Richard McKindale_101015_4743 for web

From a recent photo shoot using natural light and a black background

Equestrian Photography

I’m sure many of you will have realised from my web page and my FaceBook Page that there has been a leaning towards photographing horses. To be honest it was never something that I had in mind when starting a photography business. Like so many things, it just happened, and has been evolving ever since.

The things I have to look for in photographing a horse are mostly to do with the background and the lighting. The horse will remain a horse. If we can manage to persuade him or her to stand tall, ears forward, and looking attentive, then that is all the horse needs to do.  I prefer the background to be dark or black, sometimes this can happen in a natural environment usually in a barn doorway where there is enough space to walk the horse around. If the background is messy then a black sheet can easily be hung from a couple of stands. Lighting on the horse should be even. A bright but overcast day is perfect, I don’t use flash, as this can spook the horse. There are other things to take into consideration too. Colour temperature should be checked against a grey card for natural light without colour cast.

Editing the images in Photoshop is where the skills are tested to their limits. I am frequently asked to remove hay or grass from the horses mouth. Ive had to remove hose pipes, other horses, horse poo, children, dogs,  snow, stay hairs, the list is endless.

Finally the print production is where all the hard work and effort really becomes visible. No longer are we looking at an image on a screen. Now we are committing the image to paper. I only use museum quality paper for my prints. The quality is outstanding and the inks take to the surface to leave a velvet smooth image. The people who do my printing are highly professional and have rigorous quality checks before and after the printing process.

All this to get a perfect photograph.


Large format photography

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Wainman's Pinnacle at Cowling just as the sun went down

Wainman’s Pinnacle at Cowling just as the sun went down

When i got an inquiry to photograph a local beauty spot for a Restaurant I had no idea of the technical issues i would have to get over to deliver and exceed the customers expectations.
The brief was pretty simple. Take a photograph of Wainmans Pinnacle and arrange to have it enlarged to 72inch x 48inch. That’s a big picture !!!

After a couple of visits to the location to ensure a good sky a picture was chosen. A little work in photoshop to adjust contrast and sharpening its ready to save to 700mb and output to canvas. A couple of test pieces to ensure that the pixels don’t look to be the size of house bricks and the grain doesn’t look like its been taken in a sandstorm. The good news is that it looks simply superb. Despite the image being on canvas it is being double framed. The first frame being in cream to give the effect of having a border, then a further frame around that in black to finish the job off. Delivering was equally as complex. I had just bought an MPV. With the seats removed the picture fit in with just 1inch to spare on both the length and width.

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