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Wainman's Pinnacle at Cowling just as the sun went down

Wainman’s Pinnacle at Cowling just as the sun went down

When i got an inquiry to photograph a local beauty spot for a Restaurant I had no idea of the technical issues i would have to get over to deliver and exceed the customers expectations.
The brief was pretty simple. Take a photograph of Wainmans Pinnacle and arrange to have it enlarged to 72inch x 48inch. That’s a big picture !!!

After a couple of visits to the location to ensure a good sky a picture was chosen. A little work in photoshop to adjust contrast and sharpening its ready to save to 700mb and output to canvas. A couple of test pieces to ensure that the pixels don’t look to be the size of house bricks and the grain doesn’t look like its been taken in a sandstorm. The good news is that it looks simply superb. Despite the image being on canvas it is being double framed. The first frame being in cream to give the effect of having a border, then a further frame around that in black to finish the job off. Delivering was equally as complex. I had just bought an MPV. With the seats removed the picture fit in with just 1inch to spare on both the length and width.

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