Equestrian Photography

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From a recent photo shoot using natural light and a black background

Equestrian Photography

I’m sure many of you will have realised from my web page and my FaceBook Page that there has been a leaning towards photographing horses. To be honest it was never something that I had in mind when starting a photography business. Like so many things, it just happened, and has been evolving ever since.

The things I have to look for in photographing a horse are mostly to do with the background and the lighting. The horse will remain a horse. If we can manage to persuade him or her to stand tall, ears forward, and looking attentive, then that is all the horse needs to do.  I prefer the background to be dark or black, sometimes this can happen in a natural environment usually in a barn doorway where there is enough space to walk the horse around. If the background is messy then a black sheet can easily be hung from a couple of stands. Lighting on the horse should be even. A bright but overcast day is perfect, I don’t use flash, as this can spook the horse. There are other things to take into consideration too. Colour temperature should be checked against a grey card for natural light without colour cast.

Editing the images in Photoshop is where the skills are tested to their limits. I am frequently asked to remove hay or grass from the horses mouth. Ive had to remove hose pipes, other horses, horse poo, children, dogs,  snow, stay hairs, the list is endless.

Finally the print production is where all the hard work and effort really becomes visible. No longer are we looking at an image on a screen. Now we are committing the image to paper. I only use museum quality paper for my prints. The quality is outstanding and the inks take to the surface to leave a velvet smooth image. The people who do my printing are highly professional and have rigorous quality checks before and after the printing process.

All this to get a perfect photograph.


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